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While Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and Ne-Yo rocked the crowd at Power 105’s Powerhouse concert Tuesday night in New Jersey, all three were upstaged by a surprise appearance from Beyonce.


       The singer entered the stage during her husband Jay-Z’s set and with two background dancers performed the choreography from her new song, “Single Ladies.”       

       Without saying or singing one word, she performed the dance routine from the video in black stretch pants and a black turtleneck, then ended the set by flashing her huge wedding ring before walking off.


       The other headline of the night was an anticipated joint performance that never happened.  Many fans thought that Jay-Z would join Wayne for their duet “Mr. Carter,” but Weezy rapped alone on the track.       

       Jay-Z was the evening’s last performer and ended his set by reminding the crowd to vote on Nov. 4.      

       “This is the most important election ever,” he said. “Rosa sat so Martin could walk, Martin walked so Obama could run and Obama is running so we all could fly.”


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