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Frequent collaborators Jay-Z and Coldplay are teaming up again, this time for a new mash-up album entitled “Viva La Hova,” reports Allhiphop.com.


      Jay-Z and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin first joined forces in 2006 for the track “Beach Chair” off the rapper’s album, “Kingdom Come.” The recent release of Coldplay’s “Lost” remix featuring Jay-Z encouraged mixtape kings Mick Boogie and Terry Urban to expand the concept into a full-length album.


       “Jay and Chris represent all that is right with modern music and art and have collaborated a few times in recent years to great results,” Mick Boogie told AllHipHop.com. “So why not extend that concept over an entire album? I thought when Danger Mouse did the ‘Grey Album,’ it was just remarkable. And while I didn’t like every song on there, when it was on, it was absolutely some of the most amazing stuff I had heard. Same with the Jay-Z/Linkin Park project. So we tried to take a collaboration that was already organic and make it real and also extend that quality level throughout the entire project.”


       The 19-track mixtape includes mash-ups from producers 9th Wonder, The Amps, Cookin’ Soul, Gooch, The Kickdrums, and nVMe. Each was assigned samples and snippets of Coldplay songs from which to create new tracks. The results where then paired with Jay-Z lyrics to create the finished songs. Among them, “No Love “Hola Blanco,” a combination of Jay-Z’s “Hola Hovito” and Coldplay’s “White Shadows.”       

       “Viva La Hova” is available for download at www.vivalahova.com 


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