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Rapper Jadakiss had to change the name of his upcoming album, originally titled “Kiss My Ass,” after retail stores gave his label negative feedback. The CD will now be called “The Last Kiss.”


       “I had to change the name of my album. ‘Kiss My Ass’ wasn’t testing well at retail. Not even with the exclamations or none of that,” he told WENN. “So we had to switch it to ‘The Last Kiss.'”      

       Jadakiss says he understands that the title could be a bit misleading.       

       “Some people asked me is it my last album,” he said. “Nah, it’s just … the first album was ‘Kiss The Game Goodbye,’ the second one was ‘The Kiss of Death,’ so this one was ‘The Last Kiss.’ It’s the closing of a trilogy.      

       “It’s the last time ‘Kiss’ is going to be in the album titles. This is why this is ‘The Last Kiss.'”


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