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10 Reasons Why Wealthy Men Are Better Than Poor Ones! November 3, 2008

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10 reasons why wealthy men are better than poor ones

1) If you are with a rich man, you’re going to want more for your life
Being on the arm of a rich guy you are going to want everyone to know about your talents, not just his. Go to school, buy a business or develop your talents with his funding the project-YOU. A poor dude won’t have access to the funds to help you pay for developing your talents.

2) Dating a rich guy is a self-esteem booster
Going out with a rich man is indeed a self-esteem booster. You’d feel lucky that even though he can choose any other woman he wants to, given his status, he had chosen you.

3) Your chance for a dream vacation would be possible.
Have you been wishing to go to St. Tropez or on a European cruise? You may coyly tell your rich boyfriend that you want to unwind with him without the hassle and bustle of the city life. If he asks you where could it possibly be? Here’s your chance!! Suggest a place you’ve been dying to see. With a poor dude, it will all be just a fantasy.

4) Generally, rich men have less “drama” than poor ones
A rich man has an enormous ego so he would be afraid to pour out his dramas on you. Besides, he may be content enough with his life because he’s already where he wanted to be. In a poor man’s case, you will probably be listening to a list of bills he has to pay (he may even want to borrow money from you).

5) It’s about the ride, baby
A rich man will bring you to a party in his Porsche or Benz while a poor dude may just tell you to meet him there or take the cab with you to the date.

6) As a rich man’s main squeeze, you gain popularity
From Miss Nobody to the Mr. Rich Man’s girl. Admit it, the attention you will get from other people will be flattering. Some poor girls may be envious of your newly acquired status, but surely, they will trade anything to be in the spotlight. With a poor dude, people look at you like you are STUP to be with him.

7) Expensive gifts will surely come your way
It will be such a shame for a rich guy to scrimp on the presents he will give you. A rich man can afford all the extravagant gifts that you desire. Let him (accidentally) see you browsing over a magazine, salivating over a Cartier watch or the latest Louis Vuitton bag. Before you know it, the presents will be coming your way. When you’re dating a poor dude everything will be budgeted. His vision of shutting the mall down is, hitting all the sales rack, and this is only on a special occasion.

8) Your parents and friends will most likely approve of the rich guy
Parents want to see their beautiful daughter going out with a cultured rich guy. With the poor dude, Mom will be trippin every chance she gets. Your friends and Mom will ask you over and over again what you saw in him… and your answers will never be right.

9) You will be in an elite circle
You gain socialite girlfriends, thanks to him. But be warned, you should know how to play your cards with the rich femme fatales. Some of them (maybe 99%) can be hypocritical bitches. Just in case you need to ditch your rich boyfriend, you’d easily get another rich one since you’re already moving in the so-called upper echelon.

10) Rich men can afford to pamper you
Who wouldn’t like a good amount of comfort, right? You’d be booked in the finest five-star hotels. You’d be able to taste the expensive hobbies of the rich and famous, you’d be wined and dined in the best places. This may be in a Material Girl’s point of view, but in reality, women would rather be with a rich guy, not only for his money, but because of the power that comes with it. I don’t have any explanation in regard to the poor man’s case.


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