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In celebration of Election Day 2008, Codeblack Interactive will premiere the short film series, “The Inspiration of Barack Obama,” as a complimentary streaming download on its exclusive on-demand broadband network, Codeblack TV (www.codeblacktv.com).        

       The narrative film collection, directed by award-winning African-American filmmaker Qasim Basir, chronicles the difficulties of seven Americans who have ultimately been uplifted by the message of Senator Barack Obama.       

       Codeblack Interactive will make the shorts series available for free streaming for 24 hours beginning Monday, today at 1 a.m. EST.       

       Basir wrote and directed the seven short films to educate Americans about the Democratic Presidential candidate’s dynamic message of hope and political change. The films, which explore stories of diverse Americans grappling with adversity and hardship, are entitled: Vote, Housing, Immigration, College, War, Economy and Family. At some point, each main character is inspired by Senator Obama’s mantra of self-determination and transformation, and takes the step toward personal change.       

       “We are pleased to present this inspirational film series by such a bright young African-American filmmaker to raise awareness before the vital election and further establish CodeblackTV as the go-to platform for black cinema,” said Quincy Newell, President, Codeblack Interactive. “These short tales tap into the popularity of Senator Obama and the revitalizing impact he has had on the lives of so many Americans. As our goal is to cater to the underserved black audience, these films are a perfect match.”


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