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The New York Daily News is citing an incident report that shows former Knicks president, Isiah Thomas, was not breathing when Harrison police arrived at his Purchase home in response to a recent 911 call. 


       Chief David Hall would not identify the victim but said he was a 46-year-old man who had consumed 10 Lunesta sleeping pills. Thomas is 47 years old.       

       After reports surfaced that he was hospitalized for an overdose, Thomas said it was not him, but rather his 17-year-old daughter Lauren who needed urgent care. The statement offended police officials, who accused Thomas of trying to “cover up” the truth.        

       The incident report, which the Daily News obtained Thursday after filing a Freedom of Information Act, says the man was found by police “sprawled on the kitchen floor” and had to have oxygen administered until medics arrived. He was then taken to White Plains Hospital Center for further medical treatment. Thomas’ name and other personal information were redacted from the report.


       “We closed this investigation Friday,” Hall said Thursday. “We deemed it an accidental overdose of sleeping pills. There is absolutely no indication that he tried to kill himself. It was a standard call.”


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