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Today is obviously an important and historical day that goes without saying. No matter how you look at it, change is hours away.

     Since the beginning of time, change has always inspired people to come up with ideas on how to document it (the change itself).

     With that in mind, noted author and scholar, Herb Jordan, has come up with a rather novel idea. It’s one we think is worth promoting to you. And from what we can tell, it will in fact, center around YOU.

     So instead of us trying to explain his concept, check out Herb’s vision in his own words:

As we approach Election Day, we are now faced with the reality of an Obama victory.  We’re all feeling it. Positive energy. Excitement. Nervous anticipation. Hope.

I would like to make a permanent record of this profound shared experience on this momentous occasion. I need an army of grassroots historians!

Here’s what you can do. Take your video cameras, cameras and picture phones, tape recorders, etc., with you wherever you go on November 4 and the days following. Your place of work, restaurants, bars, the subway, election-night house parties, church, synagogue, mosque, the grocery store, the dentist. Talk to people of every description. Even if you stay home to watch the results, you and your loved ones can film one another or you can record your own observations and reaction to this moment in history.

Then, send what you have recorded to me by email (mp3, jpeg etc.) atJamba8247@cs.com. Be sure to include your contact information so we can get permission to use. Format and medium do not matter.

What matters are the images and reactions of the day — as the results begin to come in, at the moment of truth, and afterwards. Don’t think you have to be an artist or filmmaker. Just record! Take the photos! Talk to people! There is no such thing as too much material or too little.

Afterwards, I plan to compile it all in a documentary film for posterity, and for us.

Thank you all. Here’s to triumph for Obama!

— Herb Jordan

About Herb Jordan
     Herb Jordan is a legal scholar, composer, and commentator on American culture. He taught at the University of Michigan Law School, where he received the L. Hart Wright Outstanding Faculty Member Award. He is also a recipient of the Thomas M. Cooley Distinguished Brief Award for scholarly legal writing. Jordan composed for Count Basie and has produced a number of award-winning albums, including the Grammy-nominated “American Song.” He tutors young writers in the Los Angeles public schools.


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