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Chicago Sun-Times columnist Bill Zwecker is reporting that Michael Jackson gave his brother Jermaine “quite the tongue-lashing” for wrongly announcing that he is involved in an upcoming Jackson 5 reunion tour.      

       According to Zwecker, Jermaine’s assertion that Janet Jackson was on board for the tour is also false.      

       ‘Both Michael and Janet [Jackson] are not involved in any way,’ Zwecker quotes of a longtime MJ pal, ‘and Michael really laid into Jermaine for even raising the possibility.’      

       Michael “is said to be hard at work on a trio of new albums — including one featuring at least one track with his oldest son, Prince,” writes Zwecker. The new CDs reportedly take Jackson’s music in a new direction, “one that won’t alienate his millions of fans … but will include some interesting gospel and hip-hop touches we haven’t heard before,” said the source.


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