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While in Oslo, Norway on tour, Nas went into a studio early Tuesday and recorded a new track called “Election Night,” in honor of then presidential candidate Barack Obama. [Listen to song below.]  


       The Queens MC and first-time voter laid down vocals “in the wee hours of the morning,” reports MTV.  DJ Green Lantern produced and sent MTV News a copy of the record within hours of its completion.       

       “I’m currently on tour in Europe with Nas and we were at dinner last night talking about how crazy it is that we’re not in the states on Election Day,” Lantern wrote in an e-mail. “Someone quoted his verse from ‘Black President,’ when he said ‘What’s the Black Prez thinkin’ on Election Night?’ And Nas said, ‘Set up the mic — I’m gonna speak on that.’ And the result is ‘Election Night.'”       

       Like “Black President,” from Nas’ recent “Untitled” LP, “Election Night” samples Obama’s voice and touches on Monday’s passing of his grandmother, the long early voting lines and more.       

       “I’m a first-time voter,” Nas raps. “How can I front?/ Barack been campaigning like 21 months/ The whole country needs answers / While he has to deal with grandma dying from cancer/ He ain’t even got time to weep/ And we standing on line when we normally don’t/ People claim black people too lazy to vote.”       

       Further along in the 90-second-long record, Nas predicts a win for Obama and says he’ll be at the inauguration.


Nas “Election Night — Barack Obama”



  1. edopeno Says:

    This song is tite!

    How about this one…

    “Got shook. Aww, made you look!” Remember than joint???

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