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A bevy of cameras captured Sean “Diddy” Combs as he cast his vote Tuesday for Barack Obama.


      The rap mogul was filmed standing in line at his polling site, a school in midtown Manhattan, and then followed as he disappeared behind the booth’s curtain. A camera for the Associated Press managed to shoot him from under the booth’s dividing wall as he completed his ballot and took a picture of it to document history. [View clip below.]


       “People died for us to have this right,” the rap mogul said in this clip. “So to exercise this right today is to give back to Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and everyone who fought for us. As a representative of the youth vote, you know, I think this year we’re going to shock the world and break all the numbers, all the records ever.”


       Referring to the black community, Diddy said, “We’re not going to vote for anyone just because they’re black. We’re going to vote for the best candidate. He has to be extra qualified for us to vote for him. “

Diddy Votes for Barack Obama



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