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Beyonce says she is ready, willing and able to do whatever necessary for President-elect Barack Obama on Inauguration Day in Washington.


      “I’m there. I can’t wait,” she told the Associated Press. “I feel like all of us, we’re ready to do whatever we have to do. Whatever they want — if they need me to volunteer, they need me to sing, I’m there, and I’m ready.”


       The singer said she already had to cancel a promotional trip to Japan to plug her new album, “I Am … Sasha Fierce” so that she could remain in the U.S. on Election Night.      

       “I said, ‘What am I doing? I’m completely making a bad decision. I have to go home. I’m gonna kill myself if I’m not home in America,”‘ said Beyonce. “I knew I needed to be here.”      

       Knowles watched the election results at home with friends and family – while wearing a blue suit and tie with matching red, white and blue stilettos. After he won, she said she “fell asleep crying and smiling at the same time. I woke up with mascara running and a smile on my face.”


       Most important, Knowles said, is that the newly elected president has provided inspiration for African Americans.


       “My nephew, who is 4, when we say, ‘You can do whatever, you can be whatever,’ it’s not cliche,” she explained. 


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