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Danity Kane singer Dawn Richard is side-stepping rumors that her attempts to go solo caused the pop outfit to fall apart.


       The group, put together by rap mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs for his reality TV series “Making The Band,” was reportedly left with only two remaining members after Shannon Bex left and singers Aubrey O’Day and D. Woods were fired.      

       Reports have swirled of Diddy’s plans for a solo run with 23-year-old Richard, which allegedly added to tensions in the former five-piece.      

       But Richards insists it was her former bandmates who caused the rift. She tells WENN, “The reality is that we were in a group and everyone got to do the individual. I was pro Danity Kane. Aubrey went to Broadway, D. Woods had her own side hustle: a group. Everyone had their own opportunity to do things and no one ever had anything to say about it, it was totally fine.      

       “It’s interesting that Puff just had me on a couple of references (song parts) and my name is in it like I did something wrong. It’s interesting how tables turn. All of a sudden when someone has a belief in me, people say I’m doing something side.”


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