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Michael Jordan, Russell Simmons, Wesley Snipes, Bob Johnson and Butch Lewis were at Diddy’s big birthday bash/Obama watch party Tuesday night at a club in New York when the Illinois democrat was elected president.


       According to Page Six, “A huge roar shook the dining room” where they had all gathered to watch the returns. Jordan and Snipes later partied at Tenjune with fellow Chicagoan Larenz Tate, Knicks Jared Jeffries and Jerome James, and “Last Comic Standing” host Bill Bellamy, the surprise emcee for the night who shouted with excitement: “We are officially a country of change.”


       Meanwhile, Forrest and Keisha Whitaker, Common, will.i.am, Star Jones, Hill Harper and Kevin Liles (Warner Music VP) celebrated Barack Obama’s victory until 4 a.m. at The Underground in Chicago, Page Six reported.      

       Television cameras captured Oprah Winfrey watching Obama’s victory speech in Chicago’s Grant Park, but Brad Pitt – also at Grant Park – managed to escape the night undetected by media, as well as Oprah.      

       “I was looking for you and would have invited you down to sit with the rest of us,” Oprah told the actor during a taping of her talk show that will air later this month.      

       “You mean the non-VIP area?” Brad joked, before assuring his host that he took public transportation to be at the rally “just like everyone else.”      

       The show, on which Brad will promote his movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” alongside co-star Cate Blanchett, is due to air on Nov 17, according to Star magazine.


       In Los Angeles, Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Reggie Bush, both Obama supporters, ended up in a heated argument over some of his policies following his announcement as president.       

       “Reggie and I had this two-hour long conversation at the end of the night,” Kardashian told People. “We got so carried away that we had to call his mom. We had to call my mom, it ended up in this huge conference call.”      

       And, even after the outcome was clear, “We were going off on tangents about politics, different theories, the Bible,” Kardashian admitted. “It was pretty intense, but then we passed out.”


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