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How much political humor can be squeezed out of a Barack Obama presidency without being politically incorrect, or insensitive to race?


      The issue was brought before a panel of experts Wednesday night under the title “We Have a Winner,” which took place at 92nd Street Y on Manhattan’s Upper East Side as part of the New York Comedy Festival.


       “The Daily Show” co-creator and political humorist Lizz Winstead, who hosted the debate, shrugged off the suggestion that the president-elect was too tough a target for real punchlines, according to the Hollywood Reporter. She said likely jokes about Obama in the White House would revolve around how he handles power.      

       Roseanne Barr argued that the level of comedic sophistication will rise compared with the Bush era. “Obama is going to raise the level of intelligence (of jokes),” she said.       

       Cartoonist Ted Rall even predicted the age of Obama would be similar to the presidency of John F. Kennedy. “JFK was a good time for comedy,” he said. “Obama is so stuffed and uptight. Maybe he is asking for it.”      

       Conservative commentator Monica Crowley, however, said she has generally heard from comedians that they find little fun in Obama. She can’t wait to see how things will work out once Obama moves into the White House, she added.      

       Baratunde Thurston from “The Onion” and conservative blogger and pundit Robert A. George also participated in the post-election debate.


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