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Rihanna scared fans at a Thursday night concert in Sydney, Australia after running off stage in apparent physical pain in the middle of her finale. [Scroll down to view footage.]


      Her rep, Amanda Silverman, says the singer is doing fine now and was to resume her tour schedule on the continent.


       According to reports, paramedics were rushed to Acer Arena to treat the pop star, who had just been lowered down to the stage by a harness and joined by her boyfriend Chris Brown for their remix of “Umbrella.”


      Rihanna periodically held her stomach during the song before suddenly doubling over and bolting off-stage, still clutching her abdomen. Brown was forced to complete the show’s finale alone.      

       “It was very hot at the venue, so after Rihanna’s set was over, she went off stage and needed to sit down, catch her breath and have some water,” Silverman explained. “She is perfectly healthy and will be at her show tomorrow.”

Rihanna Has Stomach Issue During Concert in Sydney (Angle 1)

(Angle 2 – includes harness arrival)


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