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Four days before Roy Jones Jr. stepped into the ring to face Welsh fighter Joe Calzaghe Saturday night, he was in tears as Barack Obama’s election night victory was being celebrated outside of his window and around the world.


      “I’m so happy we have a black president. No one can tell us anymore that we’re not equal,” Jones said Tuesday night as he looked out onto Times Square from his hotel room. The moment was captured on camera and aired on HBO’s “24-7.”


       “Now I can’t help but to knock out Joe Calzaghe,” Jones continued. “He’ll have to kill me to beat me now!”       

       Well, it wasn’t a killing Saturday night, but Calzaghe overcame a first-round knockdown to beat Jones in a one-sided unanimous decision, reports the AP.      

       All three judges scored the light heavyweight fight 118-109 for Calzaghe, as did The Associated Press, every round going to him after the first.      

       “The pitter-pats were harder than I thought,” said Jones, who couldn’t see out of his left eye in the later rounds. “I don’t know. He won the fight. He definitely won the fight.”      

       Jorge Posada, LL Cool J, Paul Rudd, Ricky Gervais, Brooke Shields, and ex-champs Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis were among the celebs on hand for the fight in Madison Square Garden.


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