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Atlanta’s CBS46.com is reporting that the son-in-law of the late singer James Brown was shot to death Wednesday night in the garage of his Buckhead home. Relatives of Darren “Chip” Lumar told the news station they believe the killing was a hit.       

       Investigators said the shooter was waiting for Lumar.

      “When he drove up to park his car in the garage, he was confronted. An altercation of some sort took place. That’s when the victim was shot multiple times,” said Atlanta police Officer Eric Schwartz.       

       The neighborhood where Lumar lived is a gated community. “I think it was somebody that knew him,” Schwartz said.       

       Witnesses said after the gunman shot Lumar, it appeared the perpetrator was side-stepping away, as if he was looking to see if anyone was watching him. The witnesses said he then rounded a corner, possibly jumping a fence, and got into a car that was waiting for him.       

       The witnesses said Lumar then got into a car and drove four miles to Northside Hospital, where he died.       

       Lumar was married to Brown’s daughter, Yamma Brown Lumar, who had recently divorced him.  Sources close to the family and the case told CBS 46 that when Lumar arrived at the hospital, he had $4,000 in cash in his pocket.       

       Police said Monday they have not made any arrests and they don’t have a motive.


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