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Don’t Forget About Love November 14, 2008

Filed under: Romance — Ryann Hayman @ 12:11 pm
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Over the past week, I’ve received at least ten different emails from readers essentially expressing the same frustration: “Love sucks.” And as they detailed their very personal and private situations, I could agree that when judging love strictly through their circumstances, it did appear to suck. Thankfully (which is what I hope to share with them) things will eventually get better.

What I’ve learned is this; dark days come to us all. But during those rough patches, we can’t lose sight of the positives of love. While unfortunate, our past and present pain is only temporary, and can eventually be replaced by what we all instinctively desire: love in its purest form.

In honor of that sentiment, I decided to start your day off with some love-inspired music, both old and new. I hope it reminds you all of the endless possibilities and promise of love. Enjoy your day.


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