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In a very candid Q&A with Essence.com, TLC’s Chilli sets the record straight about a number of issues, including her “brief” relationship with CNN anchor T.J. Holmes.


      Rumor had it that he was still married when the two began dating in Atlanta.


       “No, let’s clear this up right now,” Chilli tells writer Kenya N. Byrd. “T.J. Holmes was divorced and had been divorced. It wasn’t a situation where he was going through a divorce and still married. I would never date a man that is legally separated or tied to another woman.       


       “We dated, but it was brief. I’m a godly person and try to do all the things that God wants me to do. I have a conscience; I could never do that. Besides, I want to get married and present a healthy wonderful relationship for myself and my 11-year-old son.”


            Chilli also discusses her new handbag collection (Bags by Chilli), her new business ventures, and her relationship with Usher and his wife Tameka in the Essence.com interview here.


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