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President-elect Barack Obama says his weekly radio addresses, a tradition initiated by Ronald Reagan, will also be available for Internet users via YouTube.


       Obama’s four-minute address Friday at his transition office in Chicago was posted Saturday through a YouTube link on his transition Web site,http://www.change.gov. And he will continue to do the videos when he takes office on Jan. 20, reports the Associated Press.       

       Transition leaders and policy advisers will also appear in videos on a regular basis, Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. Other officials, such as Cabinet members, could also take part.       

       A two-minute video of Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett is already on the Web page. In it, Jarrett discusses recent staff decisions and the ethics policy in place for the transition. “We’ll be back frequently to give you updates,” she tells viewers.       

Your Weekly Address from the President-Elect – Saturday, Nov. 15, 2008


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