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According to a report by OK! Magazine, Paula Abdul is about to “transition” out of her involvement with Fox’s “American Idol” to begin working on several new TV projects.       

       “She knows that every season could be her last. Now she’s got a new secret venture that she’s really excited about,” OK! quoted a source as saying.       

       She is currently filming “Paula Abdul’s RAH Cheerleading Bowl,” a competition program that will air New Year’s Day on MTV.       

       In other Abdul news, a rep for the entertainer is denying reports of her being so shaken by last week’s suicide of obsessed fan Paula Goodspeed outside of her Beverly Hills home that she now considers her house “haunted.”       

       The New York Post quoted a friend of the “Idol” judge who said she refuses to return to the home, even after hiring “healers” to cleanse the house of ghosts.       

       “[Paula Goodspeed] was a deranged stalker who sent her death threats. Paula instructed guards to keep Goodspeed away from her at all costs,” said the source. “She refuses to stay at home because she fears that the spirit of Goodspeed is haunting her house. She feels like this is the absolute worst omen, a really bad curse . . . Paula is suffering. It is well known that she is emotionally fragile.”       

       A rep for Abdul, however, said the whole story is false: “There’s no validity to this. She’s been home since the incident happened. There’s no issue with spirits. Paula is shocked and saddened by what transpired. Her heart and prayers go out to the Goodspeed family.”


      Meanwhile, the Goodspeed family is now claiming that her treatment by the “American Idol” judges ultimately caused her to kill herself.


       Charles McIntyre tells Starmagazine.com that his sister was crushed after Abdul panned her performance at the 2005 audition. He also said judge Simon Cowell was out of line to criticize his sister’s braces.       

       Paula Goodspeed’s niece tells the New York Daily News her aunt was neither suicidal nor a stalker. The niece says Goodspeed even told her that she and Abdul once had coffee together at a Starbucks.       

       “Not an ounce of truth to this,” said Abdul’s publicist. “Paula met her only at Idol.”       

       Goodspeed changed her name from Sandra to Paula 16 years ago, says her cousin. She headed to Hollywood from her home state of Maine five years ago to pursue a career in show business but had no success. According to her brother, Goodspeed was planning to give up her Hollywood dreams and return to Maine this week.


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