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British singer Seal says he was inspired to record the Sam Cooke hit “A Change Is Gonna Come” by the mood of optimism gripping America leading up to Barack Obama’s historic presidential election.


       He told Billboard, “The initial inspiration came from what I perceived to be a collective consciousness of people, not only in America but around the world, saying, ‘Look, the whole place is in turmoil, the economy’s in the toilet, people are reckless, frustrated and irresponsible’. And I think the collective got together realizing there’s something that needed to change.”       

       Meanwhile, Seal is firing back at Vanity Fair, claiming the magazine misquoted him by writing he would leave America with his wife, Heidi Klum, and their children if John McCain was elected President.      

       He tells “Access Hollywood,” “What I did say (was), the country has gone through perhaps the worst eight years during the current administration, since I have been living here the past 20 years.       

       “I said, ‘It’s OK for us, if a country gets too bad, too polarized, if it gets too divisive, we have options. We can always go somewhere.      

       “But we don’t have those options any more because we have three very beautiful, very healthy American children. And this is their country. And my wife has just become a U.S. citizen. And neither of us are about to up and take them (kids) from this country.”


Watch Seal perform ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’:


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