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Spike Lee may be close to filming his movie about the 1992 Los Angeles riots with producer Brian Grazer, who tells ComingSoon.net that it might hit theaters before their sequel to “Inside Man.”        

       Grazer, the founder of Imagine Entertainment with filmmaker/partner Ron Howard, said the L.A. riots film would be a “360 degree view of what that is, an autopsy of how a riot works.”       

       Like Spike, Grazer has been trying to get the project made for a long time.      

       “‘Cause I grew up in Los Angeles, and I was six or seven miles from this riot,” said Grazer. “It was a fascination. It was threatening and a fascination, both. I’ve always wanted to make a war movie, I haven’t done that. The visuals of that would be interesting and this is a way of doing a war movie in a modern environment and one that I know really well.”


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