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The opening night of Ced the Entertainer’s new Broadway play “American Buffalo” was dripping with endless profanity – from the stage at Belasco Theatre on down to its employees.


      According to the New York Daily News, ushers gave the celeb-filled audience a taste of what was to come in the David Mamet play. One politely asked an audience member to “please take your f***ing seat.” The announcer asked, “We kindly request that you turn off your f***ing cell phones.”


       Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, Kathleen Turner, former Sen. Bill Bradley and Newark Mayor Corey Booker were among the crowd battened down for the torrent of bad words.       

       “I will try to brace myself,” the Rev. Al Sharpton told the Daily News. “I have heard these words before, but this may be the first time I’ve heard it with my daughter, Dominique, present. So I will try to act like it is inappropriate.”      

       Spike Lee’s elegant wife, Tonya, predicted that her husband wasn’t going to hear anything he hasn’t said himself.       

       “He swears a lot,” she said. “But he can’t stand it if I do.”


       Cedric the Entertainer admitted Mamet’s impieties did infect his own speech. “All of us were cussing a lot more,” he said. “We were saying, ‘Bring that sh** over here! [Bleep] that [bleep]!’ Things that don’t even make sense.”      

       But, yesterday, he was trying to hold his tongue because, he said, “My mommy’s in town from St. Louis.”


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