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Michelle Obama’s backside; ‘American Gangster’ returns; Aretha on AMAs; Julian Bond steps down; Howard flirts; backtracking Baldwin; Sugar Hill lawsuit November 20, 2008


A black, female columnist at Salon.com has written an entire piece praising the derriere of Michelle Obama. “I’m a black woman who never thought I’d see a powerful, beautiful female with a body like mine in the White House. Then I saw Michelle Obama — and her booty!” writes Erin Aubry Kaplan “…Barack’s better half not only has stature but is statuesque. She has coruscating intelligence, beauty, style and — drumroll, please — a butt. (Yes, you read that right: I’m going to talk about the first lady’s butt.)” Continue reading here.   



        *R&B legend Aretha Franklin will present the first award of the night at the “2008 American Music Awards,” producer Larry Klein announced Wednesday. Also, Natasha Bedingfield will join Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, New Kids On The Block, Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Kanye West and many more performers (19 in total) at this year’s celebration. 


      *BET’s “American Gangster” docu-series returns tonight at 10pm (E/P) with the spotlight on the first and most famous director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover. Positioned as an avowed and implacable enemy of Communism, Hoover was often at odds with left-leaning Black leaders throughout his reign, including Marcus Garvey and Paul Robeson. During the tumultuous ‘60s decade, Hoover went even further, undertaking a virtual counter-revolution against the civil rights movement – with particular venom directed at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – and ultimately enabling the Bureau to create COINTELPRO. 


       *Veteran civil rights activist Julian Bond will not seek another term as chairman of the NAACP’s national board, saying the time is right to “let a new generation of leaders” take over the century-old organization. Bond, 68, has served as chairman since 1998. He announced Tuesday that his current one-year chairman’s term, which expires in February, will be his last, although he plans to remain on the board. “This is a time for renewal. We have dynamic new leadership. The country has a new president in Barack Obama; the organization has a new CEO in Benjamin Jealous, and we’ll soon have a new chairman of the NAACP Board,” Bond said in a statement. “The NAACP and the country are in good hands.”


      *The New York Post is reporting that Terrence Howard couldn’t keep his hands off of French model Noemie Lenoir during Friday night’s opening of the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami. After Mariah Carey performed, the two were spotted at hotel lounge Blade. A source told Page Six: “Terrence saw Noemie in the crowd and started singing to her. He came to see her the next night at the Victoria’s Secret show, and they like each other a lot.”


       *Republican Stephen Baldwin is now backtracking on his threat to leave the United States if Barack Obama wins the presidency. “The liberal Democrats who didn’t get that I was joking need to lighten up,” the born-again Christian told Page Six. “Obama is obviously talented and intelligent, and I have great respect for the man. He’s got my full support, and I’m gonna be praying for him and his administration.”


       *Sugar Hill Gang co-founder Joey Robinson is being sued by ex-bandmates Michael (Wonder Mike) Wright and Guy (Master G) O’Brien on claims that he owes them royalties. Wright and O’Brien, who’ve been touring as the Original Sugar Hill Gang, performed last weekend on CNN’s “D.L. Hughley Breaks the News.” Robinson tells the New York Daily News of the touring group:  “It’s really a sham to confuse the public.” He says he’ll sue them for encroaching on his trademarks.


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