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It’s going to take $100 million for retired boxer Lennox Lewis to step back into the ring again.


      After former foe Vitali Klitschko called for a re-match of their 2007 fight, Lewis said on Sunday he would be tempted to return only if he was offered the $100 million sum, and nothing less.


       “If someone wants to pay me serious money, $100 million or so, then I will fight again,” said Lewis, according to AFP. “I don’t have to do this, I don’t need the money and my legacy speaks for itself. But boxing needs me – the heavyweight game is so boring now. All the characters are gone. I would like to save my sport.”      

       “The fights have been so dull and one-sided. I couldn’t believe what I was watching,” added the former heavyweight champ after seeing the Klitschko-Peter fight from Berlin last month.       

       “Boxers usually come back or continue fighting for two reasons,” he said. “Either the atmosphere of the crowd or the money. Me? I don’t need either, I’m happy as I am. But I think the sport needs me and I love my sport. And I don’t like seeing it the way it is.”      

       So far Lewis has only received offers of $40 million to return to the ring.      

       “It would have to be nearer $100 million to make me say yes, but there are people out there who can get that kind of money together,” he said. “There are a lot of people who would pay to see me fight again. It would be exciting, for the sport and for me. And if I come back, it will be to win, not play.”       

       Lewis quit in June 2003 after he won a technical knock-out victory over Klitschko when the referee had to intervene in the sixth round with the Ukrainian suffering a badly cut eye.


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