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Spam Murked By Facebook November 25, 2008

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Popular social network wins $873 million lawsuit 

Everyone hates spam. But no one has ever beat the annoying pop-ups and unsolicited materials– that range from penis enlargement, to weight loss- like Facebook, who has recently been awarded a record $873 million by the US District Court in San Jose. 

According to eNews 2.0, Facebook filed suit against Adam Guerbuez of Montreal and his company Atlantis Blue Capital this past August under the Controlling Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act. 

Facebook alleged that between March and April, Atlantis Blue sent millions of annoying unsolicited messages to Facebook users. 

Though Guerbuez is hardly expected to be able to fork over the millions he now owes the social network, Max Kelly, Facebook’s director of security, believes they’ve already been rewarded. 

“It’s unlikely that Guerbuez and Atlantis Blue Capital could ever honour the judgment rendered against them (though we will certainly collect everything we can),” Kelly wrote on his blog. “But we are confident that this award represents a powerful deterrent to anyone and everyone who would seek to abuse Facebook and its users.” 


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