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In the new issue of Ebony magazine, Tyra Banks says she’s flattered when referred to as a media mogul in the press, but hesitates to embrace it completely – insisting she is not yet worthy of the title.


      “Don’t get me wrong, ego-wise, when I see the cover of the magazines and they say that (I’m a mogul), I’m like, ‘Oh, that looks popping and it looks hot,’ but it ain’t true,” she tells the magazine.     

       “Oprah’s been doing this for 30 years. Mogul? That’s like Martha Stewart. That’s like going public. Mogul? Not yet,” she says.      

       The Emmy-winning celeb has scored TV hits with “The Tyra Banks Show” and her reality program “America’s Next Top Model,” which has spawned international versions across the globe.      

        Banks says her sights are actually set higher than the “mogul” status. She adds, “I think I’ll have an empire.”


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