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Is Kanye West Done With Rap? December 2, 2008

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Is Kanye West quitting rap for good?

While the Louis Vutton Don never revealed plans to hang his mic up, word has apparently spread that he may do just that. Per a reporter who took part in West’s New Zealand Press Conference earlier this week, The Observer quotes Yeezy as saying, “hip-hop is over for me now.” West quickly discredited the quote and explained that  

“What does that mean,” West asked. “Hip-hop is over for me? I never said that.”

Per West, The Observer likely took the revelation that he didn’t listen to rap in his apartment, out of context.

“That quote is like so wrong,” West responded. ”I never said that. I still listen to hip-hop in my car. I listen to old Wu-Tang or something while I’m designing and stuff like that. I really don’t listen to new hip-hop albums that come out like that. I really don’t learn the lyrics the way I used to learn the lyrics when I was 18 years old and stuff like that. Even albums like Lil Wayne‘s album, which I love, I couldn’t recite the raps for you. I’m just not in that position. Maybe I’m just busy. It disturbs me that they paraphrase me.”


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