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Two different covers are being offered for the January issue of Essence magazine – one with President-elect Barack Obama, and one with his wife, Michelle.      

       Billed as a collector’s edition, the 56-page tribute to the nation’s first black president comes with an all-star lineup of contributors – from Bill Cosby to Maya Angelou – on what the election means for America.      

       “Obama’s win makes all of us stand taller and feel even more proud,” said Alicia Keys in the issue, on newsstands Dec. 12. “The voice of our generation will not be ignored.” — Alicia Keys,  Singer and Actress.

      To SEE the dual Essence covers, click over to our new EURthisNthat.com blog.


      The following are featured articles in the January 2009 issue:

• The Woman Beside Him: On January 20th Michelle LaVaughn Robinson-Obama will become our nation’s first lady. Author Paula J. Giddings reflects on the great woman behind the President-elect.  (page 76)

• The Malia and Sasha Effect: Malia 10, and Sasha 7, will be the youngest residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave since Amy Carter. Journalist Gwen Ifill reflects on the Obama girls and their bright future ahead.  (page 81)  

• Dear Mr. President…: Essence asked the young men of the Excellence Charter School of Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, to write—in their own words—letters to the new President-elect. What they wrote was nothing short of inspiring. (page 117)

• The Times of His Life:  Essence has featured an extensive timeline which features President-elect Barack Obama from a young child to the present. Included in this special section are photos of his wedding, his family, his run for Illinois State Senate, his presidential win and more.  (page72)

• The Perfect Storm:  From the venerable Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Isabel Wilkerson reflects on the journey that became history—and how the race was won. (page 86)

• The Last Hurdle: Hannah Jane Hurdle-Toomey: Hannah Jane Hurdle-Tommey is the last surviving child of Andrew Jackson Hurdle, a slave for nearly 20 years. Connected to both slavery and a black president in her lifetime, she shares her hopes for America. (page 114) 

• Brother President:  On Election Night 2008, it became clear that Barack Obama had become a new icon for a generation of Black men who grew up with martyred leaders as their role models. Writer William Jelani Cobb reflects on what it means to America—and to the world—to see a Black man as president. (page 71)


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