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The January 2009 issue ofEbony, featuring the first interview with President-elect Barack Obama since winning the Nov. 4 election, will hit newsstands on Dec. 9, the magazine announced.


      Ebony says the exclusive interview is the centerpiece of its special collector’s edition, which chronicles the rise of Barack Obama to one of the most powerful positions in the world.


       “We won because the American people mobilized for change. We had a great campaign, great volunteers, great staff. But it really was people at a grassroots level who carried our campaign financially, who carried it organizationally, and we don’t want that to dissipate,” Obama said during the Nov. 13 interview.


       Ebony’s January 2009 “Mr. President” issue features never-before-seen photos, insightful commentaries from all age groups and Obama in his own words. Subscribers will receive this special edition with a first-ever gold Ebony logo.

      To see Ebony’s the dual covers of President-elect Barack Obama, check out EURthisNthat blog.


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