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The New York State Department of Health has launched an investigation to determine if the hospital that treated Plaxico Burress engaged in a conspiracy to hide information.      

       The Department of Health — which licenses New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Hospital — began its probe after learning that hospital workers failed to report the NFL star’s gunshot wound, as required by New York law.      

       According to state law, failing to report a gunshot injury to cops is a Class A misdemeanor.      

       TMZ.com reported that the hospital has suspended the worker who did not immediately call police when Burress arrived with the gunshot wound.       

       Meanwhile, Burress’ New York Giant teammate Antonio Pierce, who was with Burress at a New York nightclub Friday when he accidently shot himself in the thigh, reportedly blew off a scheduled meeting with police on Tuesday to discuss his role in the incident. But according to TMZ, he did manage to attend a paid appearance at a radio station.


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