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Akon was supposed to begin his fan tossing trial on Dec. 1 in Fishkill, NY, but the start date was postponed until Dec. 17, according to the Times Herald Record.


      The Senegalese artist is accused of throwing a teenager from the stage into the crowd during a concert in June 2007. The boy had reportedly heckled him during a performance. After Akon sought the help of crowd members to point him out, the singer’s security pulled him on stage.


       In footage of the incident posted on YouTube, Akon picked him up and threw him back into the crowd, where he landed on another concertgoer, who said she suffered a concussion.       

       The singer has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and second-degree harassment. It will be decided on Dec.17 if a trial will go ahead, or if a settlement will be made, reports the Times Herald Record.

Watch footage of the “fan throwing” incident:


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