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5 Key Traits Of A Great Girlfriend December 8, 2008

Filed under: Romance — Ryann Hayman @ 12:05 pm


I have a confession to make.

As a guy, playing the field can be a lot of fun. The unbalanced male-to-female ratio plays a huge role in such a mindset. But as maturity sets in, real men begin to realize that fooling around has its moments, but nothing can surpass the joys of being in a serious relationship.

Let me rephrase that…

Nothing can surpass being in a serious relationship with a great girlfriend. So I began to wonder…exactly what is it that makes someone a great girlfriend? Besides possessing the obvious attributes of being faithful and honest I’ve come up with the 5 Key Traits Of A Great Girlfriend.

#5- She’s Independent

This trait gets a tremendous amount of negative publicity from some single women. Apparently there’s a widespread misconception that most men don’t want an independent woman. That’s more off base than the time Jessica Simpson thought The Gap Band was an alternative to getting braces.

A real man appreciates when his girlfriend has her own personality and opinions, and can stand on her own both financially and emotionally. That’s a true turn-on, as the relationship begins to feel much more like an equal partnership.

(Note: Embrace your independence, but don’t use it as a badge of honor….that’s when it stops being a positive trait.)

#4- She’s Intelligent

Having someone that’s beautiful but dumb gets old pretty fast. That’s why it’s great to have a girlfriend that can meet you on an intellectual level. Her wit and intellect keep you on your toes, and deepens your attraction past the physical realm—making it another quality of a great girlfriend.

#3- She Allows You To Be A Man

This isn’t sexist at all. A great girlfriend understands that men and women are intrinsically different, and allows you to be who you are…a man. Which means she won’t force you to start using pink and lavender toilet paper, or sit through a “Desperate Housewives” marathon with her. A great girlfriend also doesn’t get bent out of shape if you try to do “guy things” like watch the game or occasionally hang out with your friends.

#2- She Loves You

On the surface, such a trait would seem like a given. But allow me to dig a little deeper beyond the surface. A great girlfriend loves her man…flaws and all. To her, it’s okay that he isn’t the best dresser; or that his jokes fall flatter than Arsenio Hall’s career. She just loves him for him, and takes the time to show him how much she appreciates him each day.

#1- She Makes You Strive To Better Yourself

This may be my favorite one of all. A great girlfriend inspires you to improve yourself without even saying anything. Just being around her makes you want to better yourself. Suddenly you begin to get your finances in order, you start treating people better, and you even clip your toenails on the regular. It’s all because of your great girlfriend. She just has that kind of effect on you.

The Fly Guy Moral: So there’s my list. If you’re current girlfriend possesses those traits, then I’d say you were in great shape. If she doesn’t…well, I’d suggest a little prayer is in order.


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