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As O.J. Simpson begins his 33-year jail sentence for robbing two sports memorabilia stars at gunpoint, he leaves behind an appearance in a rap video that was filmed as part of a prank-themed DVD titled “Juiced.”


      The song, “Get Juiced,” features Simpson pranking unsuspecting victims a la Ashton Kutcher in his former MTV series “Punk’d.”  Adopting a gangsta rap persona named MC Juice, Simpson performs the track at a strip club surrounded by numerous burlesque, nude dancers, according to Allhiphop.com.

       “All you player haters and you sucker MC’s better get on your knees/and get some of the these/These nuts…,” Simpson raps over a beat similar to Steady B’s “I’m Serious.”       

       Outtakes from the video also show Simpson holding a tongue-in-cheek audition for the strippers, dressed as Elvis with a dwarf, working in a fast food drive-thru, dressed as an 80-year-old man playing bingo and as a cheater who gets caught with a married woman, according to Allhiphop.com.       

       Additionally, Simpson is shown attempting to sell his infamous white Ford Bronco to unsuspecting marks, while acknowledging there are “no bodies in it” and that the SUV has “escapability.”

       An uncensored version of O.J. Simpson’s “Get Juiced” will be featured on the Juiced comedy DVD, which is available in stores and online (http://www.getjuiced.com/) for $19.99. The video is also available on iTunes for $.99.


      In other O.J. news, the family of murder victim Ronald Goldman, who won a wrongful death lawsuit against Simpson, will continue its pursuit of the $42 million award owed by the disgraced star, even as he serves jail time.


       A lawyer for Goldman’s father, Fred Goldman, tells the New York Post the $33.5 million award his family won has increased to $42 million with interest. And Goldman is reportedly determined to pursue Simpson’s assets during his sentence to collect the sum.      

       Goldman’s collection lawyer, David Cook, says, “Even though Mr. Simpson has changed his address from Florida to Nevada, we’re still going on.”


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