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The New York Post is reporting that Fantasia Barrino is in a bad way financially. She’s accused of defaulting on a $58,000 loan to pay back taxes that she reportedly owed the IRS, and one of her homes in North Carolina is heading to the auction block.


      The Broadway star’s $1.3 million 6-bedroom, 6,232-square-foot mansion has been foreclosed on and will be auctioned on Jan. 12 unless she can come up with the payments, the Post reports.     

       Records show she took a $1-million mortgage on the property in Charlotte from the Bank of America. But Barrino never answered the complaint against her and a judge ruled for the plaintiff by default.       

       The Post is quoting someone claiming to be Barrino’s relative who said the whole thing is just a misunderstanding and her former lawyer is responsible for the mess because he never showed up in court to challenge the judgment against her.       

       News of the home auction was revealed during a lawsuit against Fantasia from Broward Energy Management, who claims she has yet to repay the $58,000 loan given to her to pay back taxes, according to the company’s lawyer Laurence Goldman.      

       According to the Post, Barrino’s home in jeopardy “is located in one of Charlotte’s ritziest neighborhoods on a golf course. The two-story stucco home boasts a large arched wooden front door and is decorated throughout with exotic art. A duel sweeping staircase greets visitors in its front hall, while tropical fish frolic in a massive fish tank upstairs that is visible from the front hall. A large, glass dining room table is adorned with what appears to be a statue of a cougar.”


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