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Plaxico Burress will not be receiving his $1 million signing bonus that was due as part of the contract he signed with the New York Giants in September.


       According to the Associated Press, the team is refusing to pay the money in the wake of his weapon possession charges relating to the Nov. 29 incident in which he accidentally shot himself in a Manhattan nightclub.       

       NFL Players Association union spokesman Carl Francis confirmed Wednesday evening that the Super Bowl champions decided to not make the payment, which was due Wednesday.      

       “We will file a claim in the appropriate forum to enforce his right to receive and keep the moneys entitled to him under his player contract,” Francis said.           

       As previously reported, the union on Tuesday filed a grievance challenging the Giants’ decision to suspend and fine Burress last week following the shooting incident. The union said the team violated the collective bargaining agreement placing Burress on the reserve-non football injury list, suspending him for the final four games of the regular season and fining him an additional week’s salary for conduct detrimental to the team.


       The grievances will be heard by an arbitrator after the season ends. Burress pleaded not guilty to the gun charge and is due back in court on March 31.


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