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Doug E. Fresh Facing Foreclosure, Owes Over $3.5 Mil December 15, 2008

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Doug E. Fresh, the self proclaimed “world’s greatest entertainer,” is the latest rapper to make headlines for his financial woes.

The New York Post reports that because of unpaid mortgages that total close to $3.5 million, the “human beat box” has been hit with foreclosure actions on all three of his Harlem homes. According to a foreclosure suit filed in New York City in August, Fresh fell behind in payments upwards of $1.73 million.

Yet his financial problems don’t end there. The rapper turned celebrity event host, owes over $40,000 in state taxes, which has lead the IRS to tack on an additional $367,000 tax lien onto the bill. The father of five, also has an American Express credit card debt of nearly $60,000.

Fresh isn’t the only hip-hop personality that has been in the news for his economic problems. Ex Roc-A-Fella big, Dame Dash, has been in and out of the papers over the last year, most recently for falling behind on mortgage payments on two of his Manhattan homes. Super producer Scott Storch has also famously made headlines for his debts. The one time go-to musician for stars ranging from Beyonce to Dr. Dre owes over half-a-million dollars in back property tax and is facing child support and paternity suits in Florida.


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