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Former “American Idol” producer Nigel Lythgoe is denying recent statements by Paula Abdul suggesting that the show put her in peril by allowing an alleged stalker to audition.


       “You do not take somebody in that room that you believe is a danger to herself or a danger to Paula. That would not enter our heads,” Lythgoe tells People.com.      

       Abdul, one of the “Idol” judges, claimed during an interview with Barbara Walters on her Sirius XM radio show that producers knew Paula Goodspeed, 30, had been stalking her, but allowed her to audition anyway for purposes of “good TV.”      

       Goodspeed was found dead of an apparent suicide in a car near Abdul’s Los Angeles home last month.      

       Lythgoe says he remembers Goodspeed as “a lovely girl” and “a great fan of Paula.”


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