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Mohawk-wearing actor Mr. T, an 80s pop culture icon for his role as B.A. Baracas in the TV series “The A Team,” is the subject of a new graphic novel comic book currently available in stores.


       The project, which had an initial limited-edition run of 4,000 copies in February, is described as a positive experience that addresses such serious topics as sex offenders, domestic abuse, and kidnap.      

        “Since the announcement of Barack Obama as President-elect, plans have apparently been fast-tracked for a black James Bond, a black Doctor Who, a black Captain America,” the book’s author, Christopher Bunting, told AllHipHop.com. “But what’s missing is a real black hero. Mr. T, star of this new graphic novel, is just the man for the job.”


       Mr. T served as executive editor on the project and believes his persona is perfectly suited for a comic book.      

       “People can relate to Mr. T. They know what he stands for,” the actor stated. “T [is] for tender, but if you’re a bad guy, it’s T for tough! Get that message out: give people their own black heroes! I pity the fool who don’t get my book, read it, and enjoy it!”       

       The Mr. T graphic novel retails for $15.95 at any comic book outlet.


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