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The very spiritual funk of Rahsaan Patterson made him one of the pioneers of the neo-soul movement. His 1997 self-titled debut album produced hits “Stop By” and “Where You Are.”


      The discs that followed would garner critical acclaim and the singer/songwriter resonated on numerous motion picture soundtracks. 


      After a ten year record career, Patterson is releasing his first holiday album, titled “The Ultimate Gift.”


      “I thought that would be an appropriate title because, for me as a musician and an artist, you get questions particularly around this time of year like, ‘What would your ultimate gift be?’ So I wanted to write a song that would capture what ultimately I feel would be the best gift that we could receive as the human race and that would be to heal the world and make it a better place for us and the animals,” he said. “And I think the time is appropriate as well, being that we have a new president and the hope has been restored for a lot of people.”


Read what else Rahsaan Patterson has to say. Plus, HEAR “Holiday,” a cut from his new Christmas CD, “The Ultimate Gift,” HERE.


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