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Will Smith has been traveling around the country participating in charitable works as part of a promotional tour for his new film “Seven Pounds,” which follows a suicidal man determined to change the lives of seven strangers.


       “If there’s a message, it’s ‘you gotta help somebody.’ Even if it’s somebody’s car breaking down, use your cell phone. Something little like that. We gotta help one another to get the quality of life we’re all striving for,” Smith told the Minneapolis the Star Tribune.      

       The actor’s appearance at a premiere Friday in suburban Edina, Minn. doubled as a fundraiser for Second Harvest Heartland, the state’s largest hunger-relief organization. Tickets to the screening were given to the first 250 people who donated nonperishable food.       

       “It’s cool to have the goal of being the biggest movie star in the world. But why? It’s been revealed to me that the question is: Whose life is better because you woke up today?” said Smith.      

       Vikings player Bernard Berrian was also on hand to donate 300 holiday dinners to the organization. Smith even choreographed a touchdown dance for the NFL receiver to perform during his next trip into the end zone.


       Smith’s promotional tour also includes stops in Miami, Dallas, St. Louis, Cleveland, Denver and Charlotte, N.C.


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