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While prominent Chess Records artists Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Howlin’ Wolf, Chuck Berry and Etta James are represented in the new film about the label, “Cadillac Records,” its famous artist Bo Diddley is nowhere to be found.


       According to the late singer’s management company, there’s a reason for the omission. The legendary talent, who died last June, had no love for the record label.      

        “It’s no secret that Bo had real issues with the Chess brothers and their ‘creative accounting practices,'” Margo Lewis, who heads up Talent Source, Diddley’s management company, told the New York Post’s Page Six.       

       She added: “It was Bo’s recollection that every time he or another performer would go into the Chess offices to ask for their royalties, they were given the keys to a new Cadillac instead. So, in that regard, at least they got the title of the movie right. Regardless, we are completely shocked that the producers would omit such a seminal figure as Bo.”      

       But, Lewis says a deal is in the works with Apostle Pictures for a documentary that will tell Bo’s story.


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