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Relationship Holiday Gift Guide December 17, 2008

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Christmas is rapidly approaching, and you still have no clue what to get your significant other. There’s no need to get anxious though, as I’ve designed a nice guide to direct you through this tedious process. Now if your relationship is in great shape, and you’ve found the man or woman of your dreams, then by all means follow your heart when purchasing them a gift. There are a few instances however, when the selection process can be confusing. That’s where I come in with my Fly Guy Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide.

The Mogul

The Low Down: This man or woman has it all thanks to hard work and sacrifice. So what do you get someone who already has everything?
The Gift: A personalized compass. With it, attach a note explaining the true purpose of the compass—to guide them to your heart.

The Fence Sitter

The Low Down: You think they want to be with you exclusively, but you’re not sure. Some days they show you attention; other days, not so much.
The Gift: A watch is always a great gift to give a fence sitter, as it can be stylish without hurting your pockets too much. If they inquire about your selection, use that opening as the perfect opportunity to let them know that time is ticking, and you won’t be around forever while they make up their mind.

Daddy’s Little Girl

The Low Down: I could have said spoiled brat, but I decided to be politically correct on this one. This is for the woman that has had everything given to her, but has never worked hard a day in her life.
The Gift: Get her a gift certificate to Home Depot with the following instructions: Relationships take a lot of work. I’d like to build something with you, but we have to work at it together. Maybe she’ll understand the symbolism, and agree to contribute to the relationship. If not, you can always take the gift card back and buy a leaf blower.

The Charity Case

The Low Down: You’re only with this person because you don’t want to be alone for the holidays. Now don’t get me wrong, they treat you very well. But you’re just not that into them.
The Gift: A nice bottle of wine. Present it, and tell them to take the time to cherish it in the same way that you cherish what they add to your life. This should keep them satisfied for a couple of weeks.

The Gold Digger

The Low Down: Do I really need to explain what a gold digger is? This person only wants to be with you for what you can give them…and for some reason you allow it to happen.
The Gift: Buy her a book—preferably anything written by Karrine Steffans. That way you can teach her how to use her unique skillset to make something of herself. Hey, if she’s going to be a groupie/gold digger, then she might as well have some goals, and become the best in her field.

**In you need specific gift advice, feel free to email me at flyguychronicles@gmail.com


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