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Tiger Woods said Monday he is “disappointed” with his longtime caddie Steve Williams for making a disparaging comment about Phil Mickelson at a charity dinner.


      Williams was quoted in the Taranaki Daily News as saying he wouldn’t call Mickelson a great player “because I think he’s a (expletive).” In an interview the next day with another New Zealand newspaper, the Sunday Star Times, Williams confirmed making the comment and said it was no secret they don’t get along.


       Woods criticized his caddie and said he would handle it privately.      

       “I was disappointed to read the comments attributed to Steve Williams about Phil Mickelson, a player that I respect,” Woods said in a statement. “It was inappropriate. The matter has been discussed and dealt with.”


       Mickelson responded to Williams’ statements in a statement released Sunday. He said: “After seeing Steve Williams’ comments, all I could think of was how lucky I am to have a class act like Bones (Jim Mackay) on my bag and representing me.”


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