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Singer Akon pleaded guilty to harassment Wednesday for throwing a fan off stage during a concert last year in Fishkill, New York.


       Under the plea deal, he will serve no jail time as long he performs 65 hours of community service and pays a $250 fine.       

       The 35-year-old singer tossed a teenage boy off the stage during a June 2007 concert at Dutchess stadium near Poughkeepsie. Another member of the crowd said she suffered a concussion when the teen landed on her.      

       Witnesses said a spectator threw an object at Akon during the show. After he asked the crowd to point out the culprit, a security guard picked up a 15-year-old boy and sent him up to the stage. Akon hoisted the teen onto his shoulders and flung him back into the crowd. The incident was caught on several camera phones and was posted on teh Internet.      

       After the plea, Akon shook hands with Anthony Smith, the now 16-year-old fan, and apologized to him and his parents. The artist would not speak to reporters after the hearing, but Andrea Zellan, his lawyer, issued a written statement saying, “We are pleased that the case has been resolved and Akon looks forward to putting this unfortunate incident behind him.”      

       Akon, born Aliaune Thiam in Senegal, was originally charged with misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a minor and second-degree harassment.


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