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Dating A Crazy Person December 18, 2008

Filed under: Romance — Ryann Hayman @ 11:02 am


There’s a word that frequently gets tossed about (particularly when it comes to love and relationships) without out any real explanation for what it actually means. That word is (drum roll please) … crazy. We’ve all used it:

“I should have known that she was crazy” …. Or, “Why didn’t you tell me that he was crazy.”

And on and on it goes. So today, I thought we’d take some time to clearly define exactly what makes someone crazy. I’ll start…

1. She may be crazy if she shows up at your house uninvited, and stands at the door knocking for a half hour without knowing if you’re actually there.

2. He may be crazy if he always wants to stay on the phone with you while you are out with your friends.

3. She may be crazy if she creates a secret online identity and starts emailing your exs and other women that she thinks you might be dealing with.

Now it’s your turn. What makes someone crazy in your dating world?


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