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Sean “Diddy” Combs added another line to his acting resume last week. The entertainment mogul finished filming a guest role on CBS’ hit drama “CSI: Miami” for an episode scheduled to air in February 2009, reports People.com.


       Diddy said he agreed to take the role of defense attorney Derek Powell only after meeting with network executives and telling them, “I don’t want to play no musician, I don’t want to play a criminal – none of those stereotypical things. I want to play a lawyer.”       

       The budding actor, who completed his scenes on Wednesday, told People.com that he’s thrilled to be on one of “the biggest shows in the world.”      

        “The ‘CSI: Miami’ team is like the Yankees,” he said. “Me coming on the set, I’m like a Little League player with the Yankees. [David Caruso], he’s like Obi-Wan Kenobi or something. He taught me so much and let me ask questions and protected me. He’s like the coach of the team.”



  1. goldenchild1234 Says:

    Who is worse . P Diddy or David Caruso? Acting from hell.

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