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Rapper DMX is back in an Arizona jail today after he was extradited from Miami to Phoenix Friday to face a number of charges.


      A bench warrant was issued for his arrest earlier this month after he missed a scheduled appearance in Maricopa County court to answer charges of animal cruelty, drug possession, and ID theft.


       The artist, born Earl Simmons, was apprehended on Dec. 9 at the home South Florida home of producer Scott Storch. His arrest came after the FBI was tipped off on his whereabouts from a Georgia woman.      

       Due to his flight risk and previous no-shows, a judge has now ordered DMX’s bond raised to $120,000 in cash, reports Allhiphop.com.       

       According to the deputy that escorted DMX back to Phoenix, the rapper took time to explain how much disdain he has for Sheriff Arpaio’s tactics against him.


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