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Two producers have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Mary J. Blige and others claiming her track, “On My Grind,” is too similar to a tune they submitted to the song’s producer, reports TMZ.com.      

        New Jersey-based Jermaine Jumpp and Michael C. Adams say in their federal lawsuit that they handed a “compact disk” to the “office” of producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins that contained the song “On My Grind,” reports TMZ.com.       

       Four years later, Darkchild produced the track “Enough Cryin'” for Mary J., and the guys say it’s a rip off of “On My Grind.”       

       “Enough Cryin” was recorded and mixed in 2005 for Blige’s multi-platinum album “The Breakthrough.” Blige and Darkchild are credited with writing the tune, which features a rap segment from Brook-Lyn, Blige’s alter ego whom Mary created to give her lyrical freedom without the fear of damaging her own persona.       

       Jay-Z was also named in the lawsuit, although his role is unclear.


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